Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What to complain about... What to complain about...

As I type this it is 58 hours minutes 55 seconds to groundhogs day! Oh Groundhogs day! Oh Groundhogs day! How um... I'll get back to that later.

Windows Vista comes out today the biggest change that most users well notice and cant download for free some place else is Windows Aero, which is basically a change in layout that looks a heck of a lot like the Macintosh layout. Other then layout it's just a bunch of things you can download elsewhere for free, (Computer search, IE7[Which takes alot of features from firefox{Tabs, Etc}]) or is other wise things that are unnecessary, (new icons that sort of thing) So Vista does not tickle my fancy. This tirade was brought to you by people who want to use the phrase "Tickle my fancy"

Ihop, I mean, I hope that tomorrow go's well were supposed to get a call from the lawyer. At best it mean the divorce is over at worst it well be another two week delay.

I was interrupted when writing this yesterday and as of today we got a copy of whats going to be sent to the court and if it go's through then it's all over YAY!!!!!!one!!

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