Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Um... Title, let me think about that for a while...

I've got a headache. Headaches are weird pains. You feel them originating some where in the back of your head but you can not place them exactly. You cant say "Three inches up and two inches behind my left ear and it is coming from 1 and a quarter inches down." Instead you have "The back of my head."

And now for more of my ire over i(Insert anything here) I now let it out on the iPhone you can see a pictures of the iPhone here and here, it is supposed to combine a iPod, computer and a phone. Now I can see how you get it to work as a iPod and a computer but how in the world do you use it as a phone? Where are the number buttons? and if it is touch screen that creates a new set of problems, what if your ear hits the end call button? What if thumb hits a button when holding the phone? Or is it so loud that you don't have to hold near your near your ear and and the entire world can hear your conversation. Few of these problems are limited to the iPhone but I can see many of them being enhanced with the iPhone. This tirade was brought to you people that believe cellphones should still look like bricks.

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