Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A brief autobiography.

This is what has happened to me so far.

Circa 1992 I am born and given the name I'm not telling, in presidential election I vote for Bob Smith Jr of the votes for babies party.

1993 - 1996 assorted siblings end my period of a only a child.

December 31 1997 the first time I stay up for New Years.

Circa 1998-1999 I get a "cat in the hat" hat, Creepy dad tells me that if I wear it to much I'll get lice and die I never wear the hat again. Creepy dad makes me eat frozen brussel sprouts straight from the bag. Creepy dad puts me in sleeping bag with sealable top I panic fearing that I well suffocate. Creepy dad lets me out and gets mad at me for panicking and he doesn't tell me that I wouldn't suffocate. Creepy dad takes me on ride in wagon pulled buy his lawn mower. Half a mile from house, he makes me get out and run back, while he lets my little sister ride back. Creepy dad takes little sisters money, Coins the phrase "Like taking candy from a baby". Many other Creepy dad moments.

December 31 1998 I'm the only one to make it to midnight

Late 1999 I see creepy dad for the last time YAY!

December 31 1999 We(My immediate family minus Creepy dad) go to rich uncles house for new years I desperately hope that Y2K well happen.

January 1 2000 Darn!

2000 House burns down. I end up staying with rich uncle for a few weeks weeks after thinking that it's a choice of who's car I want to ride in to the hotel. I go back to my family, we rent house in development bully's abound.

2001 We move to Canada. I wake up siblings shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2002 We have to go back to the US for divorce and custody related things we spend over a year in hotels I still manage to watch most of the winter Olympics.

2003 We go pack to Canada.

2004 I start piano class

2005 We start preparations to move. Many long open houses.

2006 We sell house. Grandma has brain surgery. We spend a few weeks in my other uncles house. We spend a few weeks at Fancy van Perfect etiquette or death, relatives. We rent house in a rural area of a north western state.

January 2 2007 I start this blog.

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