Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What to complain about... What to complain about...

As I type this it is 58 hours minutes 55 seconds to groundhogs day! Oh Groundhogs day! Oh Groundhogs day! How um... I'll get back to that later.

Windows Vista comes out today the biggest change that most users well notice and cant download for free some place else is Windows Aero, which is basically a change in layout that looks a heck of a lot like the Macintosh layout. Other then layout it's just a bunch of things you can download elsewhere for free, (Computer search, IE7[Which takes alot of features from firefox{Tabs, Etc}]) or is other wise things that are unnecessary, (new icons that sort of thing) So Vista does not tickle my fancy. This tirade was brought to you by people who want to use the phrase "Tickle my fancy"

Ihop, I mean, I hope that tomorrow go's well were supposed to get a call from the lawyer. At best it mean the divorce is over at worst it well be another two week delay.

I was interrupted when writing this yesterday and as of today we got a copy of whats going to be sent to the court and if it go's through then it's all over YAY!!!!!!one!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Um... Title, let me think about that for a while...

I've got a headache. Headaches are weird pains. You feel them originating some where in the back of your head but you can not place them exactly. You cant say "Three inches up and two inches behind my left ear and it is coming from 1 and a quarter inches down." Instead you have "The back of my head."

And now for more of my ire over i(Insert anything here) I now let it out on the iPhone you can see a pictures of the iPhone here and here, it is supposed to combine a iPod, computer and a phone. Now I can see how you get it to work as a iPod and a computer but how in the world do you use it as a phone? Where are the number buttons? and if it is touch screen that creates a new set of problems, what if your ear hits the end call button? What if thumb hits a button when holding the phone? Or is it so loud that you don't have to hold near your near your ear and and the entire world can hear your conversation. Few of these problems are limited to the iPhone but I can see many of them being enhanced with the iPhone. This tirade was brought to you people that believe cellphones should still look like bricks.

Monday, January 15, 2007


On 9th of January, I had a ultimate nightmare come true. I was doing my webcomic. (You can see it here) I had just finished my comic and I was loading it into the FTP (File transfer program) and I clicked in the Comics folder, but didn't come up. I didn't notice and was cheerly clicked on my comic to upload. It was half way through uploading when I noticed that it was loading into workspace folder. The workspace folder just contains a bunch of sub-folders and and the website design. The only thing you are allowed to fiddle with in the workspace folder itself is the site design so messing with anything else can get you banned from the site. So as you now realize my uploading the comic was a very very very (Note at this point I have deleted over 3,000,000 words from the original post) very bad thing, so I immediately aborted the upload but something weird happened, some strange file that was nothing like I was uploading got loaded into the folder, and I could not delete it or rename it or anything. (The file that was supposed to upload was called 20070110.jpg the file that did upload was called .pureftpd-upload.45a45c62.15.1475b.4353ce3e) So I went into the comic genesis help forum and pleaded for help, and at the same time I started to load the entire comic archive, HTML, and images(In that order) on to my computer so I wouldn't lose anything if if they did ban me. I changed the auto-update time to 6pm the next day so I would have as much time as possible to fix it. I was about quarter way through downloading the comics when suddenly the power went out! It shocked me so much that I didn't react at first, as the power blinked on and off a for a few seconds, until the power decided to stay off. So there I was, less then half of my life's work on the computer and with the prospect that it might all disappear, and then suddenly I have no way of recovering it. I spent the rest of the night worrying about my comic, then I went to bed. At about 11:30pm the power came back, and I slept right through it. My family tried to wake me up but to no avail. I did not wake up. I woke up at about 6:30 am and went on the computer and some how the file changed back and I was able to delete it. I later checked the help forum and saw that no one responded to me but that was okay because it didn't matter now anyway.

The moral of this story, God has a bad sense of humor.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I cant think of a post title.

I live in a house that's barn red. It is the easiest house on our street to find.(If you manage to find our street.)

There is such a thing as high speed dial-up. It's not faster then normal dial-up it just dials on faster. I'm not sure why someone would want it over normal dial-up. The main appeal of dial up is the noise it makes when dialing on.

Why do book company's like naming them selfs after birds? You have Kingfisher, Penguin, and um... I guess thats it. Never mind.

Pluto is not a planet at least not for now but I have a solution that will make everyone happy, We make it a planet! we adapt asteroid diverting technology to larger objects of about 1500 miles in diameter to 750 miles in diameter (Or as of now Eris, Sedna, Orcus, Quaoar, Charon,[The moon of Pluto.] 2005 FY9, and 2003 EL61) and then drag all objects of that size to Pluto at the same time, Thus temporally destroying Pluto but as the debris cloud gets pulled back together it well form into a planet. Therefor ensuring Pluto stays a planet.

Friday, January 05, 2007

This post intentionally untitled.

Curses. I hate starting a post on a false start I had something else I had thought of to begin this post and I wrote two words and then I forgot what the post was supposed to be about Oh well.

I was looking at model rockets online there were some that could reach mach 2.5 and go over 2 miles high. I bet you need FAA clearance to launch them.

Right now it is snowing outside. I would be out but the snow isn't deep enough to sled in yet. It should be deep enough in about a hour, but the sun will have set in a hour which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I live in a valley so it gets dark early.

I wonder what people in Alaska and Hawaii do for New Years. I live in pacific time a area of over 45 million people, and the only group to have a live count down was Faux News (Yech) I should note however that I get satellite TV so I wont get as many local channels that may carry count downs (Such as Northwest Cable News).

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Random thoughts

I couldn't think of anything in particular to write about so I thought I would just write about whatever comes to mind

Although there are more webcomics than news paper comics I really like, There are far far more webcomics I dislike then newspaper comics I like. This probably has to do with how many more webcomics there are then newspaper comics. But I still rank webcomics ahead because so far I have never seen any webcomics that are like Hagar the Horrible, or Blondie.

Did you know I might be responsible for a letter re-write on the For better or for worse website? I found out how to get on to the January letters in December and I told about it here and here and now on January 3 there are still know new letters. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

I prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer. Mainly because I like the add-ons I don't have many useful ones, mainly ones that tell me the time of sun set and sun rise and that sort of thing.

I once was on stage with the people from Whose line is it any way. It was both the one of the most thrilling and most terrifying things I've done. The next day the newspaper had a review of the show and they mentioned me! It was the same year the I had a letter published in the paper. It was my big year in the print based media.

Well I was trying to find the spelling of the word "mentioned" in the above thought I completely forgot what it meant it just became a meaning less bunch of letters. I think I'll put that as the first thing on my list of very weird things that happened to me on 2007.

Can someone explain the point of iPods to me, I checked amazon and the cheapest ones go for around $119 they are just for listening to music and podcasts. Do people really like music and the internet's version of a radio show so much that they pay over 100 dollars to get a thing to listen to the music and then a dollar a dollar per song when they they can find both the song and the podcast online for for free!

And on the subject of downloading songs and TV shows does it count as stealing if you just watch the show online and not download it? I hope so otherwise my Youtube horde is around 80 dollars.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A brief autobiography.

This is what has happened to me so far.

Circa 1992 I am born and given the name I'm not telling, in presidential election I vote for Bob Smith Jr of the votes for babies party.

1993 - 1996 assorted siblings end my period of a only a child.

December 31 1997 the first time I stay up for New Years.

Circa 1998-1999 I get a "cat in the hat" hat, Creepy dad tells me that if I wear it to much I'll get lice and die I never wear the hat again. Creepy dad makes me eat frozen brussel sprouts straight from the bag. Creepy dad puts me in sleeping bag with sealable top I panic fearing that I well suffocate. Creepy dad lets me out and gets mad at me for panicking and he doesn't tell me that I wouldn't suffocate. Creepy dad takes me on ride in wagon pulled buy his lawn mower. Half a mile from house, he makes me get out and run back, while he lets my little sister ride back. Creepy dad takes little sisters money, Coins the phrase "Like taking candy from a baby". Many other Creepy dad moments.

December 31 1998 I'm the only one to make it to midnight

Late 1999 I see creepy dad for the last time YAY!

December 31 1999 We(My immediate family minus Creepy dad) go to rich uncles house for new years I desperately hope that Y2K well happen.

January 1 2000 Darn!

2000 House burns down. I end up staying with rich uncle for a few weeks weeks after thinking that it's a choice of who's car I want to ride in to the hotel. I go back to my family, we rent house in development bully's abound.

2001 We move to Canada. I wake up siblings shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2002 We have to go back to the US for divorce and custody related things we spend over a year in hotels I still manage to watch most of the winter Olympics.

2003 We go pack to Canada.

2004 I start piano class

2005 We start preparations to move. Many long open houses.

2006 We sell house. Grandma has brain surgery. We spend a few weeks in my other uncles house. We spend a few weeks at Fancy van Perfect etiquette or death, relatives. We rent house in a rural area of a north western state.

January 2 2007 I start this blog.