Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Random thoughts

I couldn't think of anything in particular to write about so I thought I would just write about whatever comes to mind

Although there are more webcomics than news paper comics I really like, There are far far more webcomics I dislike then newspaper comics I like. This probably has to do with how many more webcomics there are then newspaper comics. But I still rank webcomics ahead because so far I have never seen any webcomics that are like Hagar the Horrible, or Blondie.

Did you know I might be responsible for a letter re-write on the For better or for worse website? I found out how to get on to the January letters in December and I told about it here and here and now on January 3 there are still know new letters. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

I prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer. Mainly because I like the add-ons I don't have many useful ones, mainly ones that tell me the time of sun set and sun rise and that sort of thing.

I once was on stage with the people from Whose line is it any way. It was both the one of the most thrilling and most terrifying things I've done. The next day the newspaper had a review of the show and they mentioned me! It was the same year the I had a letter published in the paper. It was my big year in the print based media.

Well I was trying to find the spelling of the word "mentioned" in the above thought I completely forgot what it meant it just became a meaning less bunch of letters. I think I'll put that as the first thing on my list of very weird things that happened to me on 2007.

Can someone explain the point of iPods to me, I checked amazon and the cheapest ones go for around $119 they are just for listening to music and podcasts. Do people really like music and the internet's version of a radio show so much that they pay over 100 dollars to get a thing to listen to the music and then a dollar a dollar per song when they they can find both the song and the podcast online for for free!

And on the subject of downloading songs and TV shows does it count as stealing if you just watch the show online and not download it? I hope so otherwise my Youtube horde is around 80 dollars.

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