Friday, January 05, 2007

This post intentionally untitled.

Curses. I hate starting a post on a false start I had something else I had thought of to begin this post and I wrote two words and then I forgot what the post was supposed to be about Oh well.

I was looking at model rockets online there were some that could reach mach 2.5 and go over 2 miles high. I bet you need FAA clearance to launch them.

Right now it is snowing outside. I would be out but the snow isn't deep enough to sled in yet. It should be deep enough in about a hour, but the sun will have set in a hour which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I live in a valley so it gets dark early.

I wonder what people in Alaska and Hawaii do for New Years. I live in pacific time a area of over 45 million people, and the only group to have a live count down was Faux News (Yech) I should note however that I get satellite TV so I wont get as many local channels that may carry count downs (Such as Northwest Cable News).

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