Monday, January 15, 2007


On 9th of January, I had a ultimate nightmare come true. I was doing my webcomic. (You can see it here) I had just finished my comic and I was loading it into the FTP (File transfer program) and I clicked in the Comics folder, but didn't come up. I didn't notice and was cheerly clicked on my comic to upload. It was half way through uploading when I noticed that it was loading into workspace folder. The workspace folder just contains a bunch of sub-folders and and the website design. The only thing you are allowed to fiddle with in the workspace folder itself is the site design so messing with anything else can get you banned from the site. So as you now realize my uploading the comic was a very very very (Note at this point I have deleted over 3,000,000 words from the original post) very bad thing, so I immediately aborted the upload but something weird happened, some strange file that was nothing like I was uploading got loaded into the folder, and I could not delete it or rename it or anything. (The file that was supposed to upload was called 20070110.jpg the file that did upload was called .pureftpd-upload.45a45c62.15.1475b.4353ce3e) So I went into the comic genesis help forum and pleaded for help, and at the same time I started to load the entire comic archive, HTML, and images(In that order) on to my computer so I wouldn't lose anything if if they did ban me. I changed the auto-update time to 6pm the next day so I would have as much time as possible to fix it. I was about quarter way through downloading the comics when suddenly the power went out! It shocked me so much that I didn't react at first, as the power blinked on and off a for a few seconds, until the power decided to stay off. So there I was, less then half of my life's work on the computer and with the prospect that it might all disappear, and then suddenly I have no way of recovering it. I spent the rest of the night worrying about my comic, then I went to bed. At about 11:30pm the power came back, and I slept right through it. My family tried to wake me up but to no avail. I did not wake up. I woke up at about 6:30 am and went on the computer and some how the file changed back and I was able to delete it. I later checked the help forum and saw that no one responded to me but that was okay because it didn't matter now anyway.

The moral of this story, God has a bad sense of humor.

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